3/8/06 @ Diversey house w/ Condenada and Fourth Rotor
2/18/06 @ Kraftbrau Brewery (Kalamazoo, MI) w/ MOTO and Dutch Hercules One Man Band
2/12/06 @ Fireside Bowl w/ Disrobe and Plasma Drive
12/30/05 @ Abbey Pub w/ Zero Boys, I Attack, Punch In The Face, and Shot Baker
12/15/05 @ Empty Bottle w/ Mistreaters and Human Eye
12/9/05 @ Cals w/ CoCoComa and Night Terrors
11/12/05 @ Beachland Ballroom (Cleveland, OH) Horriblefest w/ Catholic Boys, The Feelers, Cuntpuppet, The Jeffs, Functional Blackouts, Upstab, and The Jabbers
9/17/05 @ a backyard w/ No Slogan and Fourth Rotor
9/10/05 @ Subterranean w/ The Bloody Hollies
8/19/05 @ a house w/ Disrobe and New Clear Threat
8/6/05 @ Beachland Tavern (Cleveland, OH) w/ Kill The Hippies, The Feelers, and Come Along and Eat It
7/23/05 @ Bernies (Columbus, OH) w/ The Feelers, The Jeffs, The Worst, and Functional Blackouts
6/21/05 @ Mutiny w/ The Worst
5/21/05 @ Ice Factory w/ The Feelers, Manhandlers, Aluminumknoteye, Functional Blackouts, and Birthday Suit
5/17/05 @ Mutiny w/ The Worst, HotLips Messiah, and Mucus
4/15/05 @ Cell Block w/ The Rotten Fruits and Vee Dee
4/8/05 @ Riverwest Commons (Milwaukee, WI) w/ Hyper Viper, Crimenes de Guerra, All My Circuits, and Magma Force
3/26/05 @ Empty Bottle (Brian Costello Show)
3/19/05 @ 21st St. Co-Op (Austin, TX) w/ tons of bands
3/18/05 @ Beerland (Austin, TX) w/ Headache City, Functional Blackouts, and MOTO
2/25/05 @ Ice Factory (In De Winkel record release show) w/ Feelers, Manhandlers, I-Attack, and Whores Of Babylon
2/19/05 @ Subterranean w/ Hot Machines, Clone Defects, and Vee Dee
1/31/05 @ Empty Bottle (Brian Costello Show) w/ The King Khan & BBQ Show and The Night Terrors
1/29/05 @ Rathskellar (Madison, WI) w/ No Slogan and The Manhandlers
1/15/05 @ Needle House w/ No Slogan, Eske, Disrobe, and 30/30
12/31/04 @ Mutiny w/ MOTO and Love Dictators
12/26/04 @ Town Hall Pub w/ Catholic Boys and The Worst
12/3/04 @ Kraftbrau Brewery (Kalamazoo, MI) w/ MOTO and Vee Dee
11/20/04 @ Subterranean w/ Vee Dee, The Feelers, and The Worst
11/15/04 @ Empty Bottle (Brian Costello Show) w/ Plastic Crimewave Sound
11/11/04 @ Sylvies w/ Lynard's Innards and The Drip
11/6/04 @ Big Boys (Carbondale, IL) w/ Vee Dee, MOTO, and The Copyrights
10/23/04 @ 8th Note (Milwaukee, WI) w/ The Clams and Bob Burns & The Breakups
10/22/04 @ Eagles Club (Green Bay, WI) w/ The Clams, Bob Burns & The Breakups, and Beach Patrol
10/2/04 @ Points East Pub (Milwaukee, WI) w/ Catholic Boys and The Last Vegas
9/26/04 @ Liar's Club w/ The Chopper Chicks and The Black Beauties
9/17/04 @ Bernie's Distillery (Columbus,OH) W/ The Feelers and The Orphans
9/11/04 @ Big Alex's Basement w/ The Rocktards and The Worst
9/10/04 @ Empty Bottle w/ The Effigies and Vee Dee
9/4/04 @ Hi Tone (Memphis,TN) w/ Mouserocket
9/3/04 @ Lost Cross (Carbondale,IL) w/ It Burns, The Hangarounds, Whitehurst, and The Worst
7/13/04 @ Mutiny w/ Manaconda and The Black Beauties
7/3/04 @ Circle A (Milwaukee,WI) w/ MOTO
6/21/04 @ Empty Bottle (Brian Costello Show) w/ Telenovella
6/18/04 @ Fireside Bowl w/ Toys That Kill, The Soviettes, This Is Revenge, and The Heated Blankets
5/28/04 @ Command Center w/ Reaccion, The Groodies, Gammits MW, and The Pedestrians
5/21/04 @ Lyon's Den w/ The Feelers, The Rotten Fruits, and HotLips Messiah
5/15/04 @ Empty Bottle (Brian Costello Show) w/ Tyrades
5/8/04 @ Nevins w/ Deals Gone Bad, Shot Baker, and The Infected
4/9/04 @ Subterranean w/ Tyrades, The Functional Blackouts, The Black Beauties, The Drip, and The Mascots
4/2/04 @ Lyon's Den w/ The Star Spangles, The Audreys, and The Grackles
3/27/04 @ Fireside Bowl (Interrobang release show) w/ The Manhandlers, The Jet Set, and The Worst
3/22/04 @ Empty Bottle (Brian Costello Show) w/ Bang!Bang!
3/4/04 @ Double Door w/ Vicki, The Paper Bullets, The Paperbacks, and The Burden Bros.
2/17/04 @ Mutiny w/ HotLips Messiah and Violently Ill
1/25/04 @ Nevins w/ The Functional Blackouts, Destroy Everything, and 23 Skidoo
1/12/04 @ Empty Bottle (Brian Costello Show) w/ M.O.T.O.
1/3/04 @ Empty Bottle w/ The Dials, Low Skies, and Vicki
12/29/03 @ Empty Bottle (Brian Costello Show) w/ The Mistreaters
12/5/03 @ Lyon's Den w/ The Kilgores, The Night Terrors, and Dirtbox Racers
11/10/03 @ Empty Bottle (Brian Costello Show) w/ The Reacharounds
10/26/03 @ Mutiny w/ The Trailer Park Tornados, Mockba, The Functional Blackouts, and Killer Dreamer
10/10/03 @ Libertyville Civic Center w/ Help Me Help Me I Can't Breathe and others
10/4/03 @ Empty Bottle (Brian Costello Show) w/ The Holy Ghosts
10/3/03 @ Lyon's Den w/ The Functional Blackouts, Kill The Hippies, and HotLips Messiah
9/11/03 @ Beat Kitchen w/ Shot Baker, JFK, and The Cancer Merchants
9/9/03 @ Double Door w/ The Resinators, and Chopper Chicks
9/6/03 @ Melody Inn w/ HotLips Messiah, Saltwater Vampires, and The Paperbacks
8/16/03 @ Empty Bottle (Brian Costello Show) w/ Manaconda
8/1/03 @ Lyon's Den w/ Bleed, Johnny Rev, and Shooting Blanks
7/25/03 @ Billy's House w/ The Manhandlers, Two Inch Winkie, The Opposed, and The Functional Blackouts
7/22/03 @ Fireside Bowl w/ Miss Alex White, Lipstick Pickups, and This Is Revenge
7/20/03 @ Empty Bottle (Brian Costello Show) w/ Vee Dee
6/21/03 @ Empty Bottle (Brian Costello Show) w/ Tyrades
4/26/03 @ Mutiny w/ Lomax, Buzzfuzzter, and ASS Control
4/14/03 @ IIT (Talk On Iraq/war)
4/10/03 @ Big Horse Lounge w/ The Amazing Interceptors and Delta Receptor
2/22/03 @ Super Bowl Lanes w/ The Matics, Gein Rock, and Violently Ill
2/12/03 @ Fireside Bowl w/ Violently Ill and Twat Vibe
1/30/03 @ Big Horse Lounge w/ The Rolemodels and The Nix
6/15/02 @ Big Horse Lounge w/ Dead Steel Mill and The Pinheads
4/28/02 @ Fireside Bowl w/ Rocky Denis, Kindness, The English Softhearts, and Half Stachon (Historical Note: This was the last show featuring Annie on vocals.)
3/29/02 @ Prodigal Son w/....The Krunchies (TWO SETS!!!)
3/4/02 @ Big Horse Lounge w/ U.S.M.C., The Rotten Fruits, and The Rolemodels
12/1/01 @ IIT w/ Violently Ill, Kindness, S.T. Monroe, and Remedy
10/27/01 @ The Shove Downs loft w/ The Shove Downs, The Argyles, Violently Ill, and The Inside
9/22/01 @ The Shove Downs loft w/ The Shove Downs, The Argyles, and Violently Ill
9/8/01 @ Buzz Cafe w/ Downhole, and Books on Tape